Friday, September 25, 2009

It's never good when...

I walk outside at 7:30 - which is the precise moment that I get in my car and drive to work so that I can be there right on time, an hour later. I walk towards my dear little pontiac only to find, to my utter horror, that my car is not in the spot where I parked it.
I think that maybe I had a moment where my brain wasn't working and I had actually parked it in a different spot. But lo, I look and find nothing. There are 2 options, the druggies that live up the street stole my car (not a very likely option) or I was towed from what used to be a perfectly legitimate parking spot.
So I call the towing company and sure enough, they had my car. Without advising us of the change in parking regulations in my parking lot, they changed them and towed.
Unhappily I think of how much time it takes to earn $150 and all the better ways that I could use my money then paying to get my car back after being towed - in my parking lot.
I showed up late to work - on the day that I was helping interview for a few positions...
I couldn't bring myself to be outright mean to the lady who works at the towing company office. Afterall it wasn't her fault. But, since I was unrightfully towed, I displayed my attitude. So, when she said have a good day, I just walked out of the door without responding.
The end.


  1. I would be P.O'd!! I think you should call the property management company, complain and ask for them to reimburse you for the expense. They can't change parking regulations and just not tell you! Where did you park? That sucks. Totally not what you wanted to spend $150 on.

  2. That is so not right. They shouldn't tow you and force you to pay without telling you that things change. lame!