Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confessions of a Quarter-Life Becky

So, you can tell by the frequency of my posts that work has been slow...
We're not going to talk about that though because really there are much better things to talk about today, like my addictions.
I am addicted to HOME-DECOR. I swear I'd have a lot more money if Kohl's and there adorable home decor for the holidays never existed.
I was just online to check out there selection of running shoes. I went running last night and was talking with a friend afterwards who reprimanded me for having such old running shoes. What - 5 years is old??? Apparently by not replacing them, I'm destroying my joints. Even though they are fine now and do not hurt now when I run, I'm apparently supposed to replace them every so often. I've also been told that I can't hike and run in the same shoes since hiking destoys running shoes...
So, as I was purusing the running shoes section, the brightly beaming title HALLOWEEN was beaconing me from the top of the page. I innocently clicked on it and to my utter satisfaction saw all sorts of house decor for Halloween. Now, I'm single and live in college housing which tends to stray from the warm homey sensastion that I long for, but adding a bit of holiday decor seems to make everything right in life.
I already bought my FAVORITE candle from wal-mart - Fall Spice (I think it's called...). It's only $5 and smells awesome! I highly recommend it. But now I am pondering about something to hang on the door. I currently have my Fall Leaf door hanging, also adorable, but maybe I need something more Halloweenish.
Anyway, I could spend hours looking at and deciding between door hangings and dreaming of placements and nice fall meals to display on top of them at cute little dinner parties while my fall scented candle is spreading a peaceful aroma through the room and the wind is gently hitting the door hanging just as a solitary bright red leaf falls from the apple tree in the back yard from which I picked apples to make apple crisp....
See, that last run on sentence is a sign of my addiction and what happens when I start thinking about holiday decor.


  1. Becky! I'm so glad you decorate your apartment :) I decorate mine too, which is pretty extreme for a college freshman apartment....mmm and fall candles! And by the way, Kohls is awesome, so that's why they lure you to buy things! Too bad you aren't an MVP. Dang I want to go shopping, but I don't get my employee discount anymore.

  2. Becky, the shoe thing: Very true!!

    And I was just at Tai-Pan Trading today...Awesome place!! They have THE best decor store...WOW!! I got my Halloween and Fall decorations for under 10 dollars! great!
    ANyway, enjoyed your post. And feel free to keep using your time wisely and updating your blog, I enjoy reading!

  3. rebekah...tsk, tsk. you should replace your running shoes every 6 months - sooner if you run a lot of miles. and definitely need a different pair of shoes for hiking - maybe something with more ankle support.
    as for home decor...can you read blogs while at work? because there are a TON of home decor blogs that would occupy your time. I think you should go the crafty route. Go to Martha or and they have all sorts of holiday crafts that you can make yourself. Think of all the fun!!

  4. I love holiday decorations as well and Kohl's is the best. I made a visit there tonight. Didn't buy any holiday decorations but got some cute clothes for fall / winter. I love all their sales. My door hanger is pretty cute for Halloween and I purchased it at Kohl's. Check it out when your up this weekend.