Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pineapple Carving and Summer Projects

If you love fresh pineapple, then you also know how irritating it is wasting half of a pineapple cutting off the knots. I learned from a friend that in the Philippines, they cut their pineapples this way so that they waste less. Plus, the spiral design just looks cool. This was my first attempt at the spiral cut pineapple. Wouldn't this be a lovely centerpiece at a summer meal?
I love flowers and gardens! As each summer comes and goes, I long for the moment when I can have my own little flower garden. I have always been in an apartment where I have no space to actually plant flowers. However, this year, I have a tiny little yard that's about 8 feet by 8 feet. I have visions of Return to Me where she has her beautiful garden in the midst of the city. That's what I want to have. I was inspired when I went to Walmart to buy better soil for my indoor plants. I saw such a great variety of beautiful flowers and imagined the possibilities. I figure I'm going to need a summer project so that I don't go crazy with just work and looking for a post-college job. I'm excited. I think I will buy them this weekend and it will almost be time to start planting :)!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where I want to be!

Can't you just imagine me HERE???
Strolling down the lovely cobble stone streets between the historic houses
Having a lovely picnic at the harbor on a crisp autumn day?? I did always say as a child that I wanted to live in New England!
So, I'm looking into Boston seriously and the mere thought of it makes me so excited!! I have heard so many wonderful things about the city and the people. I have a friend who is from Boston who has been kind enough to provide me with a lot of people to contact. So, the job hunt is on and hopefully I'll be out there to visit at the beginning of June.
If you know anyone living in Boston, let me know! I am trying to find contacts to call so that I can get more information about jobs in the area.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty´s Day

There are plenty of reasons to be happy on a day like today! I will share a few.
1. By March 17th in Utah, you can normally find one or two trees that have a green sprig or that have a blossom giving one hope that Spring is on it´s way! I happily admit to having searched for and found one of those trees.
2. What if we really did kiss everyone who was Irish?? I´m pretty sure that a great majority of us Anglo-Protestants have some Irish blood in us somewhere.
3. I think we should change the rules. Forget pinching someone for not wearing green, that just fosters unfriendliness. Let´s kiss people who aren´t wearing green (provided you want to) and take the relationship up a notch. What a great excuse to kiss someone!
4. I probably won´t wear green today....deliberately. I am making a statement because really, St. Patrick´s Day was always associated with blue, not green. Green was just referring to the shamrock which St. Patty used to teach about the trinity (or in my case...the Godhead). Be happy because St. Patrick´s Day offers you a day to be unique.
5. It´s close to Easter - meaning that you can finally buy those coveted easter candies you´ve been dreaming about since last year. For me, they´re the Robin Eggs.
6. You are at liberty to die everything green- your milk, pancakes, juice...etc. They even die the Chicago River green each year in celebration.
So, go find some reason to enjoy this unusual day where we celebrate an Irish Saint that most of us know nothing about!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The New Hair :)

So, this weekend was 30% off for friends and family of Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy employees. What a deal!! Have I mentioned how much I love Old Navy??? It´s totally my style! So Natausha and I went and tried on at least 30 things each or everything in the store. I´m pretty sure we were there at least 3 hours. But to help the workers, we did return our own clothing. Our outfits are courtesy of Old Navy. And...I love my hair! I think it might look a little like Utah Mom hair, but I love it none-the-less. Any who, that´s the update.
P.S. Thanks for the relationship advice. My conclusion is just go with the flow and don´t think about things until it is necessary. SO....avoid DTRs like the plague and all will be well.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Could it be love???

Just to initially clarify, I am not in love. I am not even close. The analysis of my love life is the following...

1. I might be afraid to commit.
2. It's not that I'm afraid, it's just that the spark is consistently missing that I am waiting for.

I have heard both of those and I'm not really sure which one of those categories I fall into. So, I pose a question for all of you dear people who are happily situated in a relationship.
What role did initial attraction play in your relationship. Now to clarify, I do not mean mere physical attraction! I mean that spark that makes you giddy. That pushes you from indifference to hope for something more. The spark that makes you want to know the person. I have found that in my life with some guys, that spark is just automatically there. I can think of very specific examples and that spark has directed my dating in the past.
However, maybe I am being too rash. Maybe I shouldn't shun the guy because the spark isn't initially there (in all cases...although it definitely has been in some). Maybe I need to wait and see if that spark can develop. Or, maybe the lack of spark at the beginning is a sign that he is a great guy....but as a friend and not as anything more.
I have been very concerned about this lately - between giving guys a chance and between settling for someone (that's great and wonderful) but that is missing the spark. I don't want to ruin a perfectly good opportunity, but I also don't want to lead a guy on unjustly.
It is an interesting quandry. So, opinions, advice, I'd love to hear it. I'm stumped on this current issue.