Friday, December 18, 2009


I think that LOCKETS are incredibly romantic. It was such a classic part of olden-time dating when the beau gives his girl a locket with their pictures inside.

I think we should bring that back!!

Inside the locket holds the secret love of the wearer of the locket.

Man, they are great and classic and beautiful.

Your love can also write a little inscription on it. Let's be serious, I think an inscription on a locket is much more romantic than on the back of the Ipod (although I would accept that as well).

Maybe my little sister is right, vintage items, antiques and older traditions are a fading beauty in our day. But we should bring them back. I think Cheri would especially like the locket above and if I had thousands of dollars, I'd buy it for her (and one for me).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Color of My Dreams

So, I just started an incredible book, Reading Lolita in Tehran, and the author commented that her artist friend had stopped painting reality because it was too dismal and instead turned to painting the colors of her dreams. No more painting abandoned homes or dead trees or a colorless world, she started painting with splashes of bright colors and she painted her dreams of a better world, and romance, and freedom.

As I was sitting there peddling on the little bicycle at 24-hour fitness (which I recently joined and am really excited body will thank me!), I realized that reality isn't really that different from the colors of my dreams. I mean, sure, I have plenty of dreams that are yet to be fulfilled, but I also have a lot of dreams that have been fulfilled or are in the process of and I wouldn't change much about my current reality.

I dreamed of a job where I got to help people on a daily basis - CHECK.

I dream of living in a comfortable home that feels homey - CHECK.

I dream of having a charming BF - CHECK.

I dream of independence (whether it be financial, transportation, etc) - CHECK.

I dream of being able to learn - CHECK.

I dream of being able to have the excitement of the big city with a quick escape to the tranquility of the country - CHECK.

I dream of having family close by - CHECK (except Jen...).

I dream of being able to make my dreams come true - CHECK.

There are plenty of other things I dream about, but really, reality is treating me pretty well as of late. So thanks reality!

There's something for you to think about.

Are your reality and dreams in line or do you need to change the reality so that you're living your dreams?