Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Evil Toaster

As always I was rushing around this morning preparing for a long day at work! I had 5 minutes to eat breakfast so I popped a Toaster Struddle in. The toaster would only keep it down for 10 seconds and then pop up happily as if it were done - when it clearly was not. After a few minutes of pushing down the button, I thought one more 15 second toast would do the trick, so I pressed down the lever and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth. A minute later as the apartment filled up with smoke and a terrible burning smell, I ran into the kitchen to see the malfunctioning toaster, malfunctioning still - but this time it didn´t pop up.
I went to work without my breakfast and arrived smelling very distinctly like burnt! It was a rough start to a long day.
Word to the Wise - Be careful with your toasters!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beef - It's what's for dinner.

Mmm...there is nothing more delightful on a hot summer day than a marinated (garlic and peppercorn) grilled steak with some freshly cooked green beans. I must admit - I am pretty pleased with my cooking skills sometimes. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who enjoys my delicious food. Fortunately, because no one else enjoys it with me, it lasts longer.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rodeo

Is there anything more delightful than a good small town Rodeo?

I was thrilled to go with Ceci to the Spanish Fork Rodeo - it was a little touch and go there for a while because we didn't buy tickets beforehand and they were sold out, so we had to put our names on the Stand By list. Luckily - I worked my magic on the ticket man and we got great seats!

List of the Top 5 Wonderful parts of the Rodeo:

1. Cowboy hats with men underneath them. There is nothing more attractive to me than a cowboy - hence my love for the movie "Man from Snowy River" but that's a post for a different day.

2. Mutton Bustin' - aka - little children holding on to sheep for dear life as they go running across the arena. Then they get thrown off and nearly trampled. Interesting.

3. The Rodeo Queens - overly curly hair, loads of makeup, complete cowgirls! I think I should become a rodeo queen and update the image a little bit.

4. Steer Wrestling - It is remarkable that they can jump off their horses onto a steer and wrestle it to the ground within 10 seconds. That's attractive, haha.

5. The Rodeo fulfills my life dreams - small town feeling, cattle, horses...I could go on and and...

Friday, July 11, 2008

So, pretty much WORDLE is the coolest thing in the whole world! I mean I put in a few journal entries and it picked up the most talked about words. So reading this is the same as if you stole my journal. How does that make you feel?

Why do I have a blog?

1. I'm not really sure. I guess Facebook just didn't cut it.
2. Ceci created a blog, and therefore, blogs are no longer just for married people.
3. Even my little sister has one - it's the thing to do.
4. At some point, I'll have something important to say and this blog will come in handy.

I think those are valid reasons for a blog. Enjoy!