Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chakras anyone?

I am getting a whole new kind of education here at my job. I am learning about the "unseen" world and the natural healing traditions of the East. It's kind of fascinating and definitely something that I have never ever bothered to learn about.
My coworker (the same one I always talk about) came in to work today with a CD that someone randomly gave her spouse. I am one who definitely does believe that music has a powerful effect on a person. It can invigorate, aggravate, or ameliorate. After a break-up, I listen to Kelly Clarkson and other girl power songs. When I need more calm in my life, I find some peaceful piano music or hymns to listen to. When I want more spice in my life, I put on a little tropical or merengue music that inspires me to dance through life. I think most of us agree that music influences our emotions and attitudes.
So, the CD that the cowoerker brought in today is called Healing Harmonies. Apparently the tones in each song target specific chakras. Now, before 15 minutes ago, I had no idea was a chakra even was. I figured I had better do a little research to find out what this music is supposed to be that we're listening to.
For those of you who don't know, the body is divided into 7 chakras. In old Indian tradition, chakras are said to be force centers or centers of energy. They are considered to be focal points for tranmission and reception of energy within the spiritual body and thus transferred to the physical as well. Each one has a tone and a color.
For example, the crown chakra's function is as follows - as the tone and colors are used, it should increase one's joy and lessen anger and fear. It helps one to find purpose and become less selfish - more humanitarian based and devoted.
I think the Indian and Ancient Eastern traditions are kind of fascinating. They established some pretty complex systems to understand the mind, the body, the spirit, and the universe. While I don't believe it all (by any means) it is interesting to try to see the world from others' perspectives and to come to appreciate and see the beauty in it all.