Friday, April 24, 2009

My Graduation

All of us graduates during the processional into the Marriott Center. It turned out to be a beautiful day for graduation!Although you can't see my cap, I was tossing it joyously into the air. It was a great moment!My College - the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies. I'm pretty sure we had the coolest graduation on campus . It was pretty short. We had a Venezuelan group that performed during the ceremony and we had a delicious little latino luncheon after.Thanks to the padres who helped me get to this point. I love BYU...and my parents of course!!
I'm just excited if you can't tell. I think we may have taken more pictures than some people take when they get married, haha.

Cheri - one of my awesome sisters who has always been a faithful friend and a good support throughout the exciting yet sometimes frustrating college years.Thanks Jenni and Lizzie for getting up at the crack of dawn to come support me. It really meant a lot. I love my family! I don't think I would've made it throughout college without their friendships and encouraging words.
These have been some of the best...7 years, haha.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My new favorite - Picasa

So after a lovely afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful mountains that Provo so accessibly offers, I decided to come in and upload my pictures. As I looked at them, I thought about all the ways that I could make the pictures more vibrant and stunning. I remembered that Cheri downloaded Picasa - FOR FREE - and always uses it with her pictures. So, I downloaded it today and I´m sure that my picture taking and processing life will never be the same. Here are some of my first experiments. Hopefully you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and springtime as much as I did.
Because trains are always cool.

The vibrant blue water will the beginning of spring with the red plant.

Despite the recent snow storms, the trees are in bloom and warmer weather is on it´s way.
I think this might be the first time that I´ve ever really appreciated spring. Normally, I like it is a miserable and dreary time of year because spring in a college town means the end of a year - roommates leaves, people graduate, friends get married and move away. It´s usually such a sad time of year full of goodbyes. But, I am pleased to say that this year, I am so excited for Spring, for the changes and adventures that it holds. Spring represents renewal. It´s full of hope and light and color that so starkly contrasts the dark, cold winter. With graduation only a few days away, I full of hope, ready for change, and anxious to see where the next few months will take me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Global Warming

April 16, 2009 - 4-5 inches of fresh snow to shovel off at 6:50 a.m.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Class of 2009

BYU GRADUATING CLASS OF 2009! This is at the Senior Farewell Party. It was so fun! We got free food, karaoked in public (and made a fool of myself, it was ridiculous). Watched some awesome Polynesian Dances and Latino Dances by Living Legends at BYU. Those might have been the most attractive men I´ve ever seen...a little chocolate :) By the end we were exhausted after a round of tired that Natausha walked out of the bowling alley and forgot to take off her bowling shoes. Hence the picture below.... Needless to say it was fun!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A beautiful distraction

I try to avoid bookstores because the moment I walk through the door, my eyes get caught up in all of the wonderful books and all the things that I want to learn. I love books! At walked into the BYU Bookstore at 2:15ish and left at 6:00. It´s a good thing that I don´t have an overwhelming amount of homework.
Some of the things that excited me in the bookstore today are:
1. The Portuguese Language Learning Books. Since one of my roommates speaks portuguese, I´ve started seeing a lot more similarities between it and spanish. I really have no reason that I shouldn´t or couldn´t learn portuguese. So, I got caught up looking for a good book or CDs to help me learn the language...after graduation (in 2 weeks).

2. I read a few very silly children´s books, for example, Llama Llama Misses Mama. As much as I love llamas, I certainly don´t recommend this book. It was incredibly foolish.
3. I found the book, The Giver, which I remember loving as a child! It´s been so long since I´ve read it and I couldn´t resist the urge to just pull up a comfy chair and get caught up in the book. I´m a slow reader, so I only made it through 120 pages, but luckily, that only leaves me with 60 which I will read tomorrow. I´ve been thinking about the book the whole way home and it´s really made me think about the greatness of our ability to choose. How sad would our lives be if we saw no colors, if we didn´t choose our destiny, if we knew no pain...and therefore no happiness. If you haven´t read The Giver, I highly recommend that you take a few hours to read it. It´s an easy read but a powerful book.

What catches your eye when you walk into the bookstore?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


1. I love my niece!
2. I love when she gets in trouble, or is tired, or whatever it is she calls out for me.
3. I love that my bro has taught her to say Beckycita.
4. I love my little sister´s clothes and that we were able to reach an exchange agreement!
5. I love being in a real home and neighborhood, not a student apt and area.
6. I love that the sun in shining (even if it does only come out for a few days at a time).
7. I love SWINGS!
8. I love letting my inner-child play.

Internship Fair

Natausha and I had the chance to present our Internship at an Internship Fair at BYU. We were hoping to win the Grand Prize of $750....which we didn´t win, but we still got $50, so I won´t complain. Plus, it was a blast talking to all of the people and encouraging them to do the internship. As I talked with everyone, I remembered how much I loved my experience in Ecuador! It was such an incredible opportunity. (this is a picture I took in Guayaquil, Ecuador of the bamboo houses.)

"Let the world change you and you can change the world" (Motorcycle Diaries). It´s such a true statement. Before I can attempt to do good, I have to understand, see, and feel what others are living. I wish everyone had the chance to see the world as I´ve been able to see it.

Mission Reunions

I love my mission president and his amazing wife! At every reunion, President always gathers us into one room and he shares a thought. It brings back wonderful memories of Zone Conferences and interviews and his inspired counsel. I was especially touched by his words on being brave and going forward into the future with bravery. Finals start next week and then comes graduation and the life of a grown-up. I need all the courage I can muster as I try to make decisions.
My good friends!! I always love seeing Pierson and Janina. They have been good and cherished friends since we met in the mission. Pierson still gives me Zone Leader counsel and cracks me up.