Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Antibacterial Soaps

I so agree with this article and really get annoyed with all the hand sanitizers. Yes, we should wash our hands, but let's be reasonable people. I figure if I made it in 2 South American countries without anti-bacterializing my hands every 4 seconds, I'll be okay here as well.
Here's the link -
What do you think??

Confessions of a Quarter-Life Becky

So, you can tell by the frequency of my posts that work has been slow...
We're not going to talk about that though because really there are much better things to talk about today, like my addictions.
I am addicted to HOME-DECOR. I swear I'd have a lot more money if Kohl's and there adorable home decor for the holidays never existed.
I was just online to check out there selection of running shoes. I went running last night and was talking with a friend afterwards who reprimanded me for having such old running shoes. What - 5 years is old??? Apparently by not replacing them, I'm destroying my joints. Even though they are fine now and do not hurt now when I run, I'm apparently supposed to replace them every so often. I've also been told that I can't hike and run in the same shoes since hiking destoys running shoes...
So, as I was purusing the running shoes section, the brightly beaming title HALLOWEEN was beaconing me from the top of the page. I innocently clicked on it and to my utter satisfaction saw all sorts of house decor for Halloween. Now, I'm single and live in college housing which tends to stray from the warm homey sensastion that I long for, but adding a bit of holiday decor seems to make everything right in life.
I already bought my FAVORITE candle from wal-mart - Fall Spice (I think it's called...). It's only $5 and smells awesome! I highly recommend it. But now I am pondering about something to hang on the door. I currently have my Fall Leaf door hanging, also adorable, but maybe I need something more Halloweenish.
Anyway, I could spend hours looking at and deciding between door hangings and dreaming of placements and nice fall meals to display on top of them at cute little dinner parties while my fall scented candle is spreading a peaceful aroma through the room and the wind is gently hitting the door hanging just as a solitary bright red leaf falls from the apple tree in the back yard from which I picked apples to make apple crisp....
See, that last run on sentence is a sign of my addiction and what happens when I start thinking about holiday decor.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When the sun is too bright, something's not right

I woke up so calmly this morning. I felt rested and the sun seemed to be so bright in the morning sky.

With all those great things, I realized something must be wrong. I usually groggily wake up to the alarm clock and hit snooze several times first and the sun was just a little too bright in the morning sky.

That's when it dawned on me. I reached for my phone and to my utter horror saw the time - 7:44. I was supposed to be on my way to work already. If work wasn't an hour away that would've have been a problem, but alas, I have to leave at 7:30 on the dot to get to work on time and be a responsible employee.

So, I threw on some clothes - no make-up and no brushed teeth even. Grabbed an empty bottle of water and some fruit snacks and headed out approximately 4 minutes later.

It's a good thing there aren't any mirrors close. I did throw on some make-up at the occassional stop light.

I don't like that feeling of being an irresponsible worker! The ironic thing is that I double checked my alarm clock last night to assure that I'd be up and out on time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Congrats Becky

So, a while ago I created an adorable collage to put as the background on my computer. It was a combination of all of my favorite pictures from the summer.
They really were very cute pictures.
It just so happened that I made this collage when I was dating the ex. I loved some of the pictures because we looked so dang cute together. And, I liked looking at those pics even after we broke up.
Well today, as my final parting to those memories, I changed my background pictures. Now, every time I get on my computer, I won't see those pictures. Yes, it took me a month to change them, but people, progress is progress.
So, I pat myself on the back today for taking that step in the right direction.
Now a beautiful peaceful fall view will happily greet me every time I get on my computer.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Selenite Crystal

My coworker received a selenite crystal as a gift from a friend. Apparently it is in a wand shape and is supposed to ward off bad spirits in order to create only a positive aura. We've been talking about where to hang it between our cubicles with the hopes of providing a more positive energy.
Okay, I've been joking about hanging it up and am quite skeptical about its influence.
My Friday appointments always tend to be more flakey so I have more time than usual and decided to research the crystal. This is what I found.

They are "especially useful for removing entities or energetic parasites during the aura....Selenite can provoke protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energies....removes energy blocks from physical and etheric bodies."

"Selenite allows us to consciously understand our own deepest inner truth, that part of ourselves which is not body, not emotions or throughts, but pure spirit...helps us to filter out ego-based messages and thoughts...It also can help to clear up mental confusion."

So I read that kind of laughing to my coworker until it suddenly dawned on me that she may have never been joking. Between the yoga and special sprays that she's conjured up, maybe she really does think this crystal will work.
Maybe I'm wrong - maybe this crystal will change my work life and our 2 cubicles. I guess we'll find out next week when the wand shaped selenite is hanging on a braided piece of colorful yarn from the ceiling between our desks.
Any of you think it will work?

It's never good when...

I walk outside at 7:30 - which is the precise moment that I get in my car and drive to work so that I can be there right on time, an hour later. I walk towards my dear little pontiac only to find, to my utter horror, that my car is not in the spot where I parked it.
I think that maybe I had a moment where my brain wasn't working and I had actually parked it in a different spot. But lo, I look and find nothing. There are 2 options, the druggies that live up the street stole my car (not a very likely option) or I was towed from what used to be a perfectly legitimate parking spot.
So I call the towing company and sure enough, they had my car. Without advising us of the change in parking regulations in my parking lot, they changed them and towed.
Unhappily I think of how much time it takes to earn $150 and all the better ways that I could use my money then paying to get my car back after being towed - in my parking lot.
I showed up late to work - on the day that I was helping interview for a few positions...
I couldn't bring myself to be outright mean to the lady who works at the towing company office. Afterall it wasn't her fault. But, since I was unrightfully towed, I displayed my attitude. So, when she said have a good day, I just walked out of the door without responding.
The end.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm. These are the circumstances -
- I got up to go to the bathroom and I get back and the lights on my whole half of the building are already shut off.
- I think there might only be 2 of us left ... I don't think either of us are working.
- Friday afternoon appointments are always no shows.
- I can see out the windows over the top of my cubicle/office. The sky is blue and beautiful and is just beaconing me!
- As soon as I get home, I'm going to pour a handful of candy corns in my hand and devour them. I have been craving anything with sugar since my breakfast bowl of Cocoa Puffs.
- I get to go camping tonight and hiking in a lovely canyon tomorrow. I'm stoked.
- It's still a little too hot for my tastes for being at this point in the Fall. I'd appreciate it if it cooled off by 10 degrees, starting tomorrow.
- I need a man...but for a good reason. I want to go to Israel. I read the State Department Travel Warning today and it looks like a dangerous place (like most of the places my heart desires to go). Thus, I need a man who will accompany me and be my bodyguard/entertainment around Israel...and maybe Greece. Okay, and if I can't find a man, anyone else want to take a risky adventure to Israel and Greece with me???
That's it. May you have a merry weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Sub-Culture

Isn't it interesting how we all live in our own little bubbles - so oblivious to what's going on next door or down the block or on the other side of the tracks.
I sat down with a guy yesterday who is looking for a job. He came in with 4 piercings in his face - not just like a little loop or stud. These were serious pieces - kind of looked like spikes sticking out of the face. My initial reaction - goodness - he will never get a job with those piercings and tatoos. I probably judged him a little bit based on his appearence. We kept talking and working together for the next few hours and he was such a respectable guy. It turns out he is an apprentice tatoo artist. He explained to me all that goes into tatooing. It's actually pretty intense between the outline and coloring and shading.... Some of the tools are composed of 8 or 9 small needles that go back and forth over your skin to create shading. It causes excrutiating pain. And for the record, he does remove piercings for work.
Then there's the other part of the sub-culture that is so difficult to understand. A man told me that he got in a fight with a coworker, pulled a knife on him, and poked him. That gesture was apparently okay in the situation. As long as it's just a poke... Part of the subculture is a different understanding and perspective on what is violence. If it's just a poke, that's okay. As long as you only steal a little bit, you're justified.
There are the other clients who prefer to be in jail because atleast there they get fed 3 meals a day. When they are out of jail, no one will hire them for being felons. They are stuck in a cycle of perpetuating poverty and crime.
The world I work in is on the other side of the tracks from the bubble culture that I live in. There's a different reality here. I can't really comprehend how most of the people that I work with live. But, I am learning that although their culture is different and sometimes incomprehensible in my innocent Becky mind, there are a lot of good people just trying to make a life for themselves. Afterall, a life of petty crime is pretty honorable when you were raised in a family that was part of the Moffia.