Saturday, September 26, 2009

Congrats Becky

So, a while ago I created an adorable collage to put as the background on my computer. It was a combination of all of my favorite pictures from the summer.
They really were very cute pictures.
It just so happened that I made this collage when I was dating the ex. I loved some of the pictures because we looked so dang cute together. And, I liked looking at those pics even after we broke up.
Well today, as my final parting to those memories, I changed my background pictures. Now, every time I get on my computer, I won't see those pictures. Yes, it took me a month to change them, but people, progress is progress.
So, I pat myself on the back today for taking that step in the right direction.
Now a beautiful peaceful fall view will happily greet me every time I get on my computer.


  1. hee hee - "progress is progress". I agree. congrats!

  2. I like the quote you have at the top of your blog. About progress -remember the movie "What about Bob" -Baby steps, it's all about baby steps.