Monday, November 9, 2009

Who got bitten by the happy bug?

So I must confess.
All of those close to me knew that the month of October was one of the low-points of my life with tears everyday and an unrelenting feeling of frustration. Now, that is quite atypical. I am a happy, jovial, silly person and I do not like being down. It was a whole month, at least, of that feeling so it couldn't even be blamed on womanly fluctuations ;)
However, I must say that November is looking up. I have returned to being me! It just goes to show that when you're where you're supposed to be, things feel better and work out much better.
Where am I supposed to be?
That's easy - Salt Lake City.
Despite my concern and need to lose some of my Provo Pride, Salt Lake has pleasantly surprised me. I often feel like I moved to the big city from a small little community. There are so many big buildings and streets lined with restaurants. There's quite a smattering of different cultures and ethnicities, and there is most definitely more SMOKE in the air in Salt Lake. (That part I'd be happy to do without.)
It turns out that no matter how much I love Provo, it's not the best place for a 25 year old single BYU graduate who works in Salt Lake.
SLC is accompanied by a multitude of post-graduate, mid-20 year old Mormons. There's an institute that is full of activities and is such a great place to meet new people. There are older wards where many of you are in the same shoes. It's such a relieve! I love being 25...on the verge of 26... I think it's a fantastic age, but it turns out that Provo is not the best place to be in that stage.
I guess I knew that I didn't belong in Provo before I even signed another year contract in Provo, but I didn't want to move on account of great roommates and other positive situations. It goes to show that even though change can be difficult and not always exactly as you want it, that there is divine purpose in change. I knew that I needed to leave, but couldn't get myself to bid farewell. So because I refused to move, I had to suffer until I was willing to make the change.
I am glad that I have now. I can still have friends in Provo, but I can also enjoy the new adventure of life in the big city....Salt Lake.
It's no NYC, that's true, but it has its excitement. Everything here is new to me.
Running is a beast because we live on the side of the mountain so everywhere I attempt to run I have some SERIOUS hills, but at least they are accompanied by beautiful old houses and narrow oak lined streets that are covered by the fallen yellow leaves.
I can run to Temple Square from where I live - love it.
People in my ward have been exceedingly nice and I'm finding it so easy to meet new people here. I love being new because it forces me to step out of my box and I do so much better when I'm alone in a whole new place.
I am back to a shared room, but I have an amazing roommate which I'm so grateful for! Her favorite show is Gilmore Girls - which we happily watch together. And, she even goes to bed earlier than me. It's a miracle!
Work still has it's ups and downs and there's a lot that I want to change about it, but I am making friends which makes the 40 hours of work a little bit better.
So, I'm feeling better. I'm feeling happy. Life is good and I'm going to try to keep it that way.


  1. Nice to hear you are having better days. Look at all the things thats happened in just one little month.

  2. I feel bad now then that I didn't know October was such a horrible month. You always sounded okay to me on the phone, but I suppose we don't break into tears on our conversations. Glad that you're happier and in a place where you can meet more people in the same stage of life where you are...

  3. Becky!!! I LOVE this post! It is so good to hear that things are going so well for you! It sounds like a lot of fun! Hey, Jonathan, Libby and I will be there for Thanksgiving for Nick Jensen's wedding and I would absolutely be tickled pink to be able to see you! Love you beckster beck!