Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stay Tuned!

So, what can I say or what should I say after disappearing for a few months and suddenly realizing in a moment of calm that summer is nearly as its end and that I'm in a new city; I'm looking for a new job; I've seen a million new sites; I'm making new friends and in a new ward with new roommates. Yes, where do I even start?

Well, as promised to many dear friends, I need to give an update on my adventures, so stay tuned for pictures and tales of laughter and occasionally tears as I learned about the world and the boy who I accompanied.


  1. I sure can't wait! Hurry up and tell us already! P.s. what city are you in now? Closer to the man? Updates puuhhhlleease! :) oh, we have a blog now, it is http://theperkinsfairytale.blogspot.com/ ) love ya becky

  2. so you're in DC now? i hope that this means i might get more visits!