Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty´s Day

There are plenty of reasons to be happy on a day like today! I will share a few.
1. By March 17th in Utah, you can normally find one or two trees that have a green sprig or that have a blossom giving one hope that Spring is on it´s way! I happily admit to having searched for and found one of those trees.
2. What if we really did kiss everyone who was Irish?? I´m pretty sure that a great majority of us Anglo-Protestants have some Irish blood in us somewhere.
3. I think we should change the rules. Forget pinching someone for not wearing green, that just fosters unfriendliness. Let´s kiss people who aren´t wearing green (provided you want to) and take the relationship up a notch. What a great excuse to kiss someone!
4. I probably won´t wear green today....deliberately. I am making a statement because really, St. Patrick´s Day was always associated with blue, not green. Green was just referring to the shamrock which St. Patty used to teach about the trinity (or in my case...the Godhead). Be happy because St. Patrick´s Day offers you a day to be unique.
5. It´s close to Easter - meaning that you can finally buy those coveted easter candies you´ve been dreaming about since last year. For me, they´re the Robin Eggs.
6. You are at liberty to die everything green- your milk, pancakes, juice...etc. They even die the Chicago River green each year in celebration.
So, go find some reason to enjoy this unusual day where we celebrate an Irish Saint that most of us know nothing about!


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day Becky! I laughed at the part where you said people dye things green to celebrate the holiday. Well, I've never done that before but thought about doing it today to be festive...green mashed potatoes anyone, jk. Hope life is going well for you in Provo. I would love to see you someday and introduce you to my little Matt.

  2. Haha, I think if I hadn't worn green today at least 5 people would have pinched me and my roommate (Anna) would have been upset. She loves green. It's her favorite color and she was glad for an extra excuse to wear it

  3. I worked from home on St. Patty's so I didn't have anyone to pinch me. I wore green pj pants just in case my dogs figured out a way.
    You're cute - I think you just want excuses to kiss more people.