Saturday, March 14, 2009

The New Hair :)

So, this weekend was 30% off for friends and family of Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy employees. What a deal!! Have I mentioned how much I love Old Navy??? It´s totally my style! So Natausha and I went and tried on at least 30 things each or everything in the store. I´m pretty sure we were there at least 3 hours. But to help the workers, we did return our own clothing. Our outfits are courtesy of Old Navy. And...I love my hair! I think it might look a little like Utah Mom hair, but I love it none-the-less. Any who, that´s the update.
P.S. Thanks for the relationship advice. My conclusion is just go with the flow and don´t think about things until it is necessary. SO....avoid DTRs like the plague and all will be well.


  1. Beckycita! You are so cute! I love your hair. Guess who I hung out with last night? Justin Tucker, haha. Good times, good times. I think he likes my roommate...I think it would be good for him. But she's a little young...I dunno

  2. Becky, your hair is so stinking cute! I don't think it looks like utah mom hair! Thanks for your comments on my blog! I can't wait for our little one to come and I will for sure be making Jonathan post tons of pictures! We will be taking our laptop to the hospital so that we can do that and so that Jonathan will have something to do. :) I really need to know what is going on in your life! I will call you this week! Love you!