Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Alright, this blog can no longer be the Ecuadorian Adventures, since the Ecuadorian Adventure ended. So, for all of you who were living vicariously through my experience, I apologize, but don't worry, there's still loads of adventure and life ahead.
I had bittersweet feelings at the airport as I said goodbye to my bosses and my dear taxi driver, Hno Gomez. Change is often bittersweet. You have to say goodbye to something and normally someone. Ecuador was no different. I had an incredible experience. It definitely had its ups and downs, but I would never give that experience back. It opened up my eyes to so many things, was a phenomenal growing and learning experience, and I imagine it will continue to influence me.
Despite the bittersweet, once I got on the plane, I was just pure excited! I missed my dear family so much and my friends and my home. No matter how great Ecuador was at times, it could never replace my home. I loved breathing in the fresh crisp air as I got home. I loved walking down and seeing my mom jump up and down and see my lil sis come running holding a sign welcoming me home. Even my dad came to the airport. It was awesome! It's been fun chilling with the family again, even though that means it's back to less sleep, as we Peacocks tend to stay up really late and not sleep enough.
So, welcome home! It's great to be back. Keep in touch for all the adventures that lie ahead!


  1. Becky!! You're home already! Oh my goodness. That is so great. I'm glad you had a good time. You'll have to drop by and see me sometime. Maybe after finals are over...those necessary evils are headed my way. I'm glad you made it back safely.

  2. I am way glad you are back (see my blog for further details) :]

  3. what do you mean we Peacocks don't sleep enough? If I remember correctly, we stay up very late, but then also rarely get up before 11 am. We're just not early birds is all. Or perhaps my Peacock-ness has been influenced by the Woodward side now. I regularly get 8-9 hours of sleep. And it's delightful.
    Anyway, glad to have you home without being kidnapped and parasite-free. I hope you managed to bring home a suitcase full of all the things I requested. Because if not, you better just hop back on that plane missy.
    Talk to you soon!