Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am...

I have been slacking off on my blog for a while, but when I saw this cute new Valentine's background, I knew that I needed to get my priorities straight and start blogging once again so I could use that background :)

Today I feel like describing myself so here it goes...
I am...
currently full of optimism for various reasons.
uncertain what will happen to my life in a few months after I graduate.
excited that this week I get to go to Portland to my BFF Ceci's wedding.
anxious for all of my family to be together in a few weeks since I hardly haven't seen my sister Jen in 6 years!
trying to figure out why I have so much homework.
loving my new ward and my awesome roomies. I always get lucky with roommates.
thinking of what great new recipe I can try to cook to please my taste buds.
excited for Spring even though I typically love winter tremendously.
so grateful that I went to Ecuador!
passionate about my beliefs.
hoping to be able to play the guitar really good as my lil sis who's practically Taylor Swift.
a clean freak.
a little silly and I love to laugh.
going to learn to Country Dance or Square Dance - or any other random dance.

Alright - those are a few things about me - now I pose the question, who are you?


  1. I'm so thrilled you updated your blog! :) And thanks for the compliment...I think I'm going to pose the question on my blog and post about it! So, read my blog if youwant to know who I am .

  2. becky! you are so cute! I want to see you sometime soon.

  3. Yay...see you in Portland (since i never see you here in Provo...hence me trying to find a boy for you so that I'm involved in your life again! ;)) But I'm excited to see you there, you're great for wanting to be there for me. LOVE YOU!

  4. i AM...
    your awesome older sister
    a fantastic wife
    a thoughtful and loyal friend
    nervous about the economy
    so excited to see you in 15 days!!