Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in Ecuador!

Yes...these are my stylish Thanksgiving Decorations. I made little decorations according to what Natausha liked so that she wouldn't feel sad missing Thanksgiving at home.
Our Turkey Bowl.
This is a turkey, although it looks the same as the peacocks that I draw....and we ate a chicken.
A picture before we started chowing down!
Here's the final product - Gravy, Stuffings, Squash, Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Jello with Mandarine Oranges and Bananas, and Apple Pie...oh, and my fresh lemonade :)
Here are the stuffings, squash, and gravy. All turned out great! We have no measuring utensils here and very few options for cooking, but everything turned out perfectly.
The finished product. I did a garlic celery roast for the chicken. Turkeys are WAY too expensive to buy, so luckily, Ethan was a doll and bought us a whole chicken to cook for the dinner. I was so pleased at how beautifully and tasty it turned out.
I loved the chicken!! Seriously, it was so much fun playing with it...I mean preparing it.

We were worried that Thanksgiving here would be lame and sad since everyone at home was all joined together for the festivities. But, Natausha and I came up with a wonderful Thanksgiving menu and decided that we'd go to town and enjoy the holiday as well. Ecuador would not stop us from enjoying it! We invited our one american friend so that he could enjoy it as well. We had a blast cooking all morning, being very creative with our measurements, and in the end, eating a great beautiful meal. We were tuckered out at the end so we enjoyed a short nap on the couch before heading off to work. It truly was a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Many of these pictures made me laugh. Especially the one of you playing with the Chicken. For Christmas I want to do a big Turkey Dinner and I'm putting you in charge.

  2. (I already tried leaving you this message but it didn't work, here goes second try)

    Dear Becky,
    I wanted you to know that I am so proud of you. I was thinking of your Thanksgiving dinner and how proud I am of you for getting that on! You're pretty much a grown up now! So next thanksgiving since you'll be married too, I say we have it together and you're in charge of the Turkey!! T minus till you get here! Hooray!! when exactly are you coming but most importantly when are we reuniting??