Saturday, November 22, 2008

The South will rise again.

So today I was peacefully walking through the Mall looking for the Cinnabon (which we never actually found), but I did end up having one of the randomest conversations of my life with John Thomas, a tall gangly retired American that has been living in Ecuador for 8 years. I´d like to give you some of the highlights of the conversation - please feel free to laugh.
1. He loved the fact that we are both from the south - some of the only rednecks left. I think that was a compliment. Later on in the conversation I understand what he was implying through the word redneck.
2. He lives in Ecuador because he doesn´t feel threatened here like he does in the United States. Ever since the Civil War, the country has just been deteriorating. (At this point, I asked myself - is he talking about the politicians, economy, or is it possible that he is just very racist??)
3. He is very concerned about the extermination of the white race. The white man is the most targeted - in his eyes, in the U.S., he´s pretty much dead. He sees the U.S. as falling apart, a little more every day, and any day now, the president is going to order the extermination of the white adult man. (He wasn´t kidding.)
4. Turns out he was a member of the church before, fancy that - an apostate - but he apostacized for the following reasons: interracial marriages....alright, that´s the main reason.
5. He continually mentioned how beautiful we were and how mormon girls have this special light that no one else has (that was a compliment actually - it´s the light of Christ. We were flattered.) Mind you, we kept taking steps back and he kept taking steps forward.
6. He loved Joseph Smith and Brigham Young!! In that conversation he implied that fact that he would love to be a polygamist man. (hmm...actually now that I think about it, maybe he fled to Ecuador because of his illegal polygamist, racist ways.)
7. He doesn´t like the current prophet, which was sad, but it was cool because we got to defend what we believe in.
8. By redneck, he meant highly racist and lovers of the superior white race.
9. He definitely believed that whites are the superior race and is upset that others have rights. He thinks blacks are planning to exterminate the white race (he kept repeating this).
10. He will fight and if he has to be, he will be the last white man standing!
Anyway, as you can tell, it was a pretty ridiculous conversation. I couldn´t believe that we had it. It pretty much just revolved about racism and polygamy. His dream is to live secluded in the mountains away from the forces of Babylon and raise his family. Interesting little man.

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  1. huh. wouldn't you think that if you were a racist white man you would move somewhere with more white people? like Russia?
    I don't get racists...
    But an interesting conversation none the less.

    PS - they have Cinnabun in Ecuador?