Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three dollars and sixty cents and a movie from the Black Market

The longer we are in Ecuador, the more our American roots are showing. After a long day enjoying the beautiful gardens of Malecon, Natausha and I wanted nothing more than to eat some American food and watch a movie.
The problems with that desire:
1. We only had $5.40 that we could spend between the two of us and that includes the dollar that we needed to get to church today.
2. We had none of the ingredients for the American food that we wanted most - Apple Crisp
3. We also don't have any movies in the apartment
Luckily, we are problem solvers!
We went to the grocery store with high hopes and bought all of the ingredients for apple crisp with only $3.60. That a bargain (that's practically shop lifting it's so cheap). Then, we'd seen a store in the mall before that sold 4 movies for $5. I'm pretty sure the copyrights just aren't important here and therefore, every movie you buy is pretty much a black market copy. Sadly enough, we couldn't find the black market movie store. OH NO! We can't have an American Saturday without a movie. So we got back and proceeded to ask all of our neighbors until we were successful. We had Apple Crisp that was extra tasty, except for the fact that the brown sugar is different here, and we watched She's the Man, was funny!
It was probably equally as funny watching us watch the movie. We don't have a DVD player so we had to watch it on my computer which has to be plugged in to make it through a whole movie and we only have 2 plugs in this house that I can plug my computer in. So, we got the computer situated on the counter and we are chilling on the couch. However, my volume doesn't work very well without speakers or headphones, so we plugged in my head phones that have about a 3 foot cord and Natausha and I each got one earphone. So, we were really close to the computer on the couch right next to the cupboard in the dark trying to watch a movie and eat apple crisp.
Who said we couldn't have an adventure for $3.60?


  1. Becky!! That's so fun. Apple crisp sounds yummy. You make such good apple crisp. And She's the Man is the best movie ever!! You should follow my blog. I just barely started one because Nicole is really into it. She just had her baby too. My little niece is so cute. I love you so much!

  2. Oh Becky I miss you!
    PS thanks for adding the Leona Lewis Better with time song, it's my fav right now and my ringtone too!
    Hey I LOVE YOU!