Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fish Market

wow - I think that was the coolest yet sickest place I have ever been! They had all the fresh fish there and it was sick! They had shark, shrimp (Ecuador is a huge exporter of shrimp....that means it´s cheap here), corvina....okay EVERYTHING and the BIGGEST fish I have ever seen in my life. I didn´t realize they came so big.
I didn´t have my camera today so I will paint a picture of the seen with words. It was like a HUGE gymnasium full of fish! The fisherman just plopped the gigantic fish on the table, got out the machete and started whacking it! Then he would wash it down, and the blood-water would just spray across the floor where we were walking. Luckily I was wearing heels, but poor Natausha was wearing white flats.
The smell of the fish was overwhelming. Actually, I can still smell the fish now in my mind.
We got so excited with all the fish that afterwards we went to go get a fish dinner....Corvina (might be my favorite), rice, and fried bananas with a good ol´Inca Cola. It was a very ghetto little diner where apparently all the waiters had to be....uh, different. Yeah, that´s where our boss wanted us to experience an authentic Ecuadorian dinner. The food was tasty.
Alright, we´re off to Quito tomorrow morning. It ought to be an amazing adventure! "I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills...I love the fountains..." (please finish the song in your head). Quito is located at 9000 feet with volcanoes, colonial buildings, and is relatively close to the jungle! It will be an adventure. Stay tuned next week for updates!
I love ya´ll!

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  1. OK, first of all, we have to schedule a Skype session. So next week, let me know when you can do it. And also, what do you mean with the Waiters having to be "uh different" ?
    Sounds like fun adventures, but I still CAN'T wait for you to come back!! Love ya!