Saturday, October 4, 2008

Revelation and the Week

I love General Conference. Elder Holland's talk was so amazing! I don't think there was a dry eye in our whole room. How often do we forget how close Heavenly Father really is and how we has sent angels to help us and surround us - seen and unseen. I received so many little pieces of revelation today. It's amazing how every one can leave from conference hearing different things and feeling different things. The spirit takes certain things to each person's heart so that their questions -written or unwritten - are answered.

This is down at Puerto Santa Ana. It is a beautiful River Walk area. I love the Pineapple looking fountains. Juan and Victor are so nice to always show us around the city and keep us happy and busy! We are very grateful to have good friends in a crazy city.
This was an awesome group. The people in this group reminded me so much of the members of one area of my mission - which made it so much more special. They showed us so much love and gratitude for the service which we rendered. At the end, to celebrate, we had a little party and they gave us all sorts of gifts so that we don't forget Ecuador. We felt famous as everyone took out their cameras and wanted to take pictures as well. Natausha and I were talking afterwards and just commented on how the charity of these people is going to change the way we act and give afterwards as well. A little gift, a kind note can make such a big difference to the person.
A house....let's all be grateful for the beautiful homes that we have!
Our other group this week. The ex-prostitutes. I'm so happy that the nuns helped these ladies change their lives. It's so sad to think try to understand what would drive a person to that lifestyle to where they think that they have no other choice. There are good people in all religions trying to help people to really have a better life and come unto Christ. They were cute because we had them create a Lemonade Stand and they named it The Will of God.

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