Friday, February 12, 2010

Old Age

I've talked with Tim a lot about old age. We joke that the prime time to die is at the ripe old age of a tree (which is 88 I think). Old age means forgetfulness and fraility and loss of independence. But then you see a picture ot his guy pictured above. His name is Leonard McCracken and he's 106! I think he makes old age look divine. Think of all that he's learned and experienced in his life and the interesting stories that he could tell. He looks so jolly and probably by this point has really learned how to cherish and enjoy life. His picture makes me feel happy!

Look at this adorable little family. They are all between 80 and 96 - healthy, happy, and independent. Imagine having spent 90 years with your brothers and sisters. How amazing! If we think we can crack good jokes and get along well now after a measely (in my case) 26 years imagine adding another 60 onto that.
Just for the record I would love to be the photographer who took those pictures. I think they really captured the happiness of life.

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  1. Where did you even find these people? I agree that those pictures are fabulous. And think of how hilarious our quoting Sleepless in Seattle or While You Were Sleeping will be in another 60 years! I only have 60 years until I'm 88. That doesn't seem very far away. So I would prefer to be like Leonard - spry and healthy until 108. Give me another 80 years for sure.