Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dinner Date and Shopping

My mom and I have decided to start having a monthly mother-daughter date. We live so close so it only makes sense that we take some time each month to just spend an evening together.
I've thoroughly enjoyed our dates and I've found them to be rather enlightening! We've only had a few of these dates so far but on each date I've explained this strange quirk or personality trait that I have and how I'm so perplexed as to why that developed. Usually upon finishing the explanation, mom pipes in and informs me that I probably get that trait from her. These dates are helping me to realize how much of my mom I have in my own personality. It's fascinating! And, sometimes when they come to personality traits that I have that stress me out, it's helpful and calming to know that I'm not in fact crazy and the only person who thinks like I do. There is at least one other person who understands my point of view and feelings.
Moral of the story is - dates are good - even it's with my mom and not the boy.
P.S. I know Rumbi Island Grill is old news, but I just went there for the first time yesterday and it was FABULOUS! And, that is probably the best customer service I've ever received and I even think it was genuine.


  1. oh! how fun! i want to hang out since we live so close!!

  2. I also agree. It is fun just hanging out. And I feel really lucky cause I've got to hang out for 2 weekends in a row with my some of my kids. Last week I had a fabulous time with Cheri. Went to see "Your a good man Charlie Brown", to DI and found some treasures, other shopping, to dinner and her college ward. Also got to meet some more of her friends. Last night got to go with Becky to Kohls, Rumbi's and talked. (I know that is hard to believe) anyway a great time also. This time I have spent with two of my daughters is priceless. I am the luckiest mother in the world to be able to have been blessed with 5 children and an addition 3 by marriage (Jenni, Ange and Jon) and 2 beautiful little granddaughters.) Love you all.

  3. You should do father-daughter dates too since Dad lives so close. I'm jealous!
    I agree that it's fun (sometimes relieving, sometimes frustrating) to discover personality traits that you share with parents/other family members. Glad you're being enlightened! :)