Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Observations from the Sidewalk....

1. Running definitely isn't my strongest point although I have greatly improved in the last year. When I'm running I always give myself a pep talk - I promise myself rewards and I try to convince myself that only if I run all the way to the end will the cute boy of my dreams be waiting there. That's usually good motivation, but today I had an epiphany. I always think that running to the end represents life pretty well - the whole endure to the end. But then today I realized, sometimes you won't make it to the end if you run - you'll pass out and die first. Sometimes in life, walking is good enough - as long as I'm not stopped walking might just be my best after the long run up the steep hill.
2. I've realized that when I get frustrated with life, angry, upset, any of those negative feelings I have the tendency to want to run away...to South America. It represents an escape and a solution to any problem I feel like I might have. So when the frustration comes, I start checking out all the airline prices to South American countries. I talk with any friends to see if I can convince someone to go with me (Does anyone want to go on a vaca to South America???). I look into humanitarian aid projects (okay, I do that anyway) to see if I can find one that will send me there. I think maybe I should just get a job there...haha. Then, the frustration starts to slip away and I realize what a great life I have here and then I return to my normal periodic, instead of obsessive, plans to travel to South America. What silly things do you do to get out your frustrations??

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  1. You know, we are ore alike than you would probably think. When I get frustrated, I try to plan trips as well. Or think about moving to a new place. I know it's just running away from whatever the base problem is, but is that always such a bad thing?
    And if you want to plan a trip to South America, I will go with you. It can be a fun sister trip. I just don't want to to go into the jungle with big scary spiders.