Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend

This is from the museum. No, it´s not just a cool piece of pottery, it was a coffin. They put the dead people in fetal position inside of these bowls with their belongings and buried them. Very peculiar.
This is me and Andres, a friend in my ward, who has been kind enough to show us all around the city and took us to the beach and waited patiently as we walked through all the earring shops and shoe stores, etc...
Me and the Pacific. I couldn´t really get in all the way because I figured with a strong undertoe and an inability to swim with 2 arms, it might not be safe. It was fun anyway!
This is a view of part of Salinas - a popular tourist destination. Driving through that city made me very sad!
This is a Parque Los Lagos which is on the way to the beach. It´s a beautiful place but apparently doesn´t get many visitors, which makes it so much more desirable.
Yes...earrings, necklaces, and bracelets galore. It was like PARADISE! I can´t wait to go back to that place and buy some more stuff. Things here are more pricey than in Chile, but I guess 2 or 3 dollars isn´t that incredibly expensive afterall. Please let me know of your requests.
This was the beautiful street in town. I love the touristy areas because they are always nicer and more organized. It´s a great feeling to just get out a chair and chill on the beach, watching the boats.
This is Natausha and I outside of a Palentologial Museum that we visited on our way to Salinas. It was actually really interesting to learn about all these crazy big animals and their history in this area.


  1. oh my heck!! earring paradise indeed. If you find some cute earrings or necklaces..rings or bracelets, I will still appreciate them. Remember how much things are in the states?! Ooh or a cool skirt..I love things that don't look American! Haha. I'm glad you are updating regularly. Makes me happy :)

  2. Your "friend" Andres looks very comfortable.

    Also - if you're taking requests...I would love a scarf or two. Those that were hanging behind you in the picture are awesome! The more colorful and authentic, the better! If they are more than you want to spend, just send me the bill when you get home. :)

    Love you!