Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 26 of 26

1. Making a quilt and getting to spend 2 WHOLE weeks with my little sis over Christmas Break. We haven’t been able to do that in YEARS! Loved it!
2. Sledding with my nieces, bro, sis-in-law, sis, and boy up Hobble Creek Canyon on the perfect snowy day.
3. Having my niece Millie smile at me with her fangs :)
4. Listening to the cowbells chime while walking down a mountain path in the Alps, Luzern, Switzerland.
5. Being able to attend my BFF, Natausha’s wedding, and also getting the phone call that I’m going to be an “AUNT”
6. Finally getting to go to Mexico and see the ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza which had been pretty close to the top of my bucket list for at least a decade…and doing it spontaneously…with my bff.
7. Another spontaneous trip to Duck Beach (NC) with that same BFF that revolutionized both of our lives and besides being a huge catalyst for change, was just a FUN, CALMING, BEAUTIFUL, ADVENTUREOUS beach trip.
8. Looking at pictures of my newest niece – Charlyanne.
9. Having a hula-hoop competition (and DOMINATING it) and eating an American BBQ in the midst of a redwood forest, with 50s music playing, and picnic tables covered with gingham table clothes with boy and family.
10. Watching The Lion King in London and walking the streets of London and marveling at all the history that had occurred around me. Oh, and becoming addicted to frozen yogurt and looking forward to the end of the day so I could eat MORE of it.
11. Biking through Vermont in the Fall – test of my strength (it was 45 miles…), having a skipping-rock competition in a historic rock quarry, eating fresh Vermont cheese, bonding with a roommate, and just loving life.
12. Playing “Murder in the Dark” in a moderately creepy old B&B in New Hampshire – laughing, spooking, arguing, hiding, the works (and speaking of the works – eating lots of pizza from Papa Johns with “the works”).
13. Glow-stick impromptu dance party on top of mattresses post Thanksgiving feasting.
14. Riding an elephant in India, seeing cows wander through the streets, monkeys holding hands, and camels pulling carts.
15. The creation of the Tiger Tummy Rub.
16. Working on the Cinque Terre puzzle with Jenni (awesome) and reminiscing about the fact that I went there last summer.
17. Feeling like I’ve overcome the initial discomfort and loneliness of being in a new and very different city.
18. All-day Adventure in Key West with an intimate yet awesome couple of people – snorkeling…jet skis…parasailing… and, eeeh, the nasty water trampoline covered with bird poo (it’s the funny memory that makes it worth it). Really, just good bonding time.
19. Riding bikes through Salzburg and seeing all of the Sound of Music sites and singing the songs in my head and out-loud at the SING-A-LONG. I’ve been addicted ever since my mom took me to see the Sound of Music with Marie Osmond in 4th grade.
20. Coming to understand myself, my strengths, weaknesses, desires, and God better through a series of events.
21. Running through Liberty Park, SLC on warm spring afternoons with a dear friend.
22. Christmas lights at the Washington, D.C. temple! A-MAZING!
23. Being taken absolutely, most definitely, by surprise!
24. Having moments where I’ve just been so glad to be – ME – with the family that I have, the parents that I have (who I’m extremely proud of as they accomplish dreams, my dad with Wilderness Innovations and my mom with going back to college).
25. Biking to the temple (35 miles), in dress clothes, on warm summer days, without bring water or snacks…haha. Good memory!
26. Having a year filled with adventure, spontaneity, travel, love, friendships, magic, history, culture, dreams.
Here's to ending a good year and starting the 27th!
I'm ready for you.


  1. I cannot believe the 24 hours you spent at my house didn't make your list. Rude.
    You did have a pretty crazy year. Happy Birthday (Thursday)!

  2. i cant believe i made your list! yay :)

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  4. @jen...we did make the list item "24" so yea for us.@Becky...not so sure if I'll continue the "back to college dream"..maybe I will pursue the working at Kohl's dream. I think if I am going to be putting in 3-4 hours a night on homework I might as well be working - then use the cash to pay off my home...I guess I will see what spring and summer bring...Happy 27th







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