Thursday, April 9, 2009

A beautiful distraction

I try to avoid bookstores because the moment I walk through the door, my eyes get caught up in all of the wonderful books and all the things that I want to learn. I love books! At walked into the BYU Bookstore at 2:15ish and left at 6:00. It´s a good thing that I don´t have an overwhelming amount of homework.
Some of the things that excited me in the bookstore today are:
1. The Portuguese Language Learning Books. Since one of my roommates speaks portuguese, I´ve started seeing a lot more similarities between it and spanish. I really have no reason that I shouldn´t or couldn´t learn portuguese. So, I got caught up looking for a good book or CDs to help me learn the language...after graduation (in 2 weeks).

2. I read a few very silly children´s books, for example, Llama Llama Misses Mama. As much as I love llamas, I certainly don´t recommend this book. It was incredibly foolish.
3. I found the book, The Giver, which I remember loving as a child! It´s been so long since I´ve read it and I couldn´t resist the urge to just pull up a comfy chair and get caught up in the book. I´m a slow reader, so I only made it through 120 pages, but luckily, that only leaves me with 60 which I will read tomorrow. I´ve been thinking about the book the whole way home and it´s really made me think about the greatness of our ability to choose. How sad would our lives be if we saw no colors, if we didn´t choose our destiny, if we knew no pain...and therefore no happiness. If you haven´t read The Giver, I highly recommend that you take a few hours to read it. It´s an easy read but a powerful book.

What catches your eye when you walk into the bookstore?


  1. I love the travel section, biographies, classics, anything with words. I could spend a fortune there.

    The Giver was one of my favorites, as well. Also love 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451.

  2. I read Brave New World Too and actually really liked it. I say actually since I had to read it for a class in High School. But I love to read books. Although in the last few years I'll only read books recommended to me. So you better believe I'm going to check the Giver out!